You’re now free to be YOUU.

Introducing the world’s first Web3 Hyper-Personalized Platform for Behavioral Health Communities.

YOUU is the third iteration of Health Information Systems that interconnects data in a decentralized way to deliver a faster and more personalized lifetime health experience.


A Hyper-Personalized YOUU

YOUU takes the complexity out of managing sensitive human data freeing you to build trust through hyper-personalized health, work, and life digital experiences.


YOUU Always Own YOUU

YOUU CRYPTO Web3 allows individuals to own their data and be compensated for time spent building new positive habits and healthy lifestyles within a community.


YOUU Are Community

YOUU Web3 brings Payers, Providers and Communities together while incentivizing lifestyle accountability.


You’re A Smarter YOUU.

YOUU leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to maximize real-world community health.

Understand humans like never before.

YOUU can build lifestyle communities that meet their needs and the needs of your business better than you ever thought possible – all on a breakthrough platform that’s amazingly easy to adopt.


The New Health Information System Built Around Web3

We reinvented it to connect value with payments. Life success with Accountability. Success with reward.


A Member Community Is Born

YOUU creates communities that will move you from casual contact to lifestyle belonging, inclusion and validation.


A Clear Measurement Framework

Designed for the outcome goal you’re trying to achieve and the actions YOUU take to achieve them.


The YOUU Commitment Curve

From Passive, Active. Power to Leader. Ten levels of achievement. YOUU is designed to move YOUU.


Community Monetization

Compensation with Youu tokens turn time spent building new positive habits and healthy lifestyles into better outcomes rewarded


Smart Assets

Unlock YOUU with data sharing that build strategic alliances and communities that YOUU own and control.



Build complex workflow connections with scale that will impress YOUU.



The power of Small Group Communication in any format on any device built in for YOUU.


Population Analytics

YOUU get thousands of Smart Data points for better decisions. Shared and secure data from other populations ensure YOUU visualize populations and sub-populations.


Content Curation

Dynamic content that engages and is easy to administer among unique communities delivered on any device at any location.


Mobile Engagement

Smart engagement makes YOUU a lifestyle and a permanent toolset for anyone seeking a healthy and productive life


YOUU Locate

The world’s most powerful location based assistant that puts YOUU in touch with anyone anywhere

Behind every byte of data there is a person who created it. YOUU.

Every single person is composed of unique pieces of personality, life experiences, knowledge, and emotions. YOUU sees every person with their own perspective, fueled by the way they experience and navigate the world of behavior. YOUU is backed by our behavior science so powerful that YOUU won’t be condemned to a particular outcome.


YOUU are unique in this world.

YOUU is about understanding your journey in and through a community continuously over time. Think of it as time travel. No two journeys are the same. YOUU helps identify trends and clarifies what is uniquely YOUU.

Everything just changed.

Organizations and community health leaders that align data sharing with business outcomes outperform their peers. That’s a story about YOUU. If you’re ready for the near-term future of value-based outcomes give, send us a message. After all, it’s about time YOUU are free to be YOUU!


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About Us

Sober Peer and YOUU are the only platforms to deliver this robust view of clinical recovery – all in real-time and viewable on any device at anytime with mental health and substance use cases.

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