AI successfully predicts behavioral health outcomes

Published Date : Apr 7, 2023

Novel solution promises a rapid pathway to value-based healthcare adoption

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Published Date: Mar 22, 2023

YOUU Health Cloud among the first to support GPT-4 for behavioral health

YOUU Health will use GPT-4 with its finely-tuned data from 7 million days of clinical observations

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Published Date: Mar 9, 2023

Sober Peer Announces Rebranding, Changes Name To YOUU Health

The company announced a new identity, including a new name and logo, expands its product line to continue its commitment to helping people improve their health in new global markets.

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Published Date: Mar 7, 2023

Partnering with State Governments to Stretch Resources and Improve Outcomes

Sober Peer is busy forming partnerships with state governments around the nation to help treat people with substance use disorders. In recent months, meetings to deploy our platform have been held with a wide range of government officials in more than 20 states, including Texas, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Nebraska.

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Published Date: Mar 7, 2023

Mount Grace for Women Recovery Center Recognized as a National Center of Excellence

Center wins best mobile engagement among 200 U.S-based programs within the Sober Peer network

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Published Date: Mar 7, 2023

Adult and Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest’s partnership with Sober Peer ‘a dream come true’

Global behavioral science company and industry leader, Sober Peer has finalized a long-term agreement with provider Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest

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Published Date: Mar 3, 2023

Conversations with Ed DeShields - Plans for Worldwide Growth

Ed DeShields is the founder and chief executive officer of Sober Peer, a new mobile health technology platform that helps reach millions of consumers who practice risky drug or alcohol use.

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Published Date: Feb 28, 2023

Here’s More Information About How We Measure a Patient’s Progress

One of the categories Sober Peer measures each day is called “Thinking Differently”; an important predictor of recovery.

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Published Date: Feb 27, 2023

One of our Key Benefits – Getting Patients Back to Work

People using Sober Peer as part of their recovery are getting new jobs and keeping their current jobs, a key component of a successful recovery.

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