Our Team

Ed DeShields

- Co-Founder

Ed is the Founder of Sober Peer, LLC, a behavioral sciences company. For twenty years, his technology platforms have served millions of consumers with advanced artificial intelligence and cognitive models for assessing consumer-side behavioral outcomes. His companies have been among the Top 10 fastest growing companies according to the Southern Methodist University’s Caruth School of Business and ranked among the Top 3 companies in the world by WfMC for Excellence in Business Transformations.

Mark Cole

- Chief Operating Officer

From start-ups to national federated associations, Mark has served as a senior executive and led companies through a broad range of business cycles and stages of evolution. During his career, he has consistently forged strategic relationships that met the needs of both the partner company and their constituents, employees & customers. He has also led highly-complex service organizations to deliver promised results through direct service channels and collaborative technology platforms.

Chandra Bandari

- Chief Information Officer

Chandra has been an IT executive and thought leader for more than 15 years. She has extensive experience developing enterprise IT strategy and leading execution teams having worked in one of the largest managed care organizations in the Northeast. Chandra also served as CIO for a large mental health provider in Texas.

James H. Blanchard

- Co-Founder

James brings a proven history and award-winning leadership in software innovation and market disruption via emerging software and technology. Before cofounding Total System Services, Inc. (TSYS), where TSYS grew its market capitalization to $17.5 billion. James served as Chairman and CEO of Synovus and as a Lead Director with AT&T Corporation.

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