About Us

The YOUUniverse is a part of a family of healthy community health platforms. We serve many vertical applications and all acuities from hospitalization, partial hospitalization, outpatient, continuing care and lifestyle communities that encourage treatment, prevention and personal development.

These communities are part of three important health segments; mental and behavioral health and personal development. We serve people who need clinical assistance with a life-controlling issue or non-clinical community management for self-improvement and personal growth.

We operate worldwide in over 125 markets where any community builder can now reach anywhere in the world to hyper-connect other communities to build the size, scope and revenue opportunity large markets have to offer. If you’re a single physician, or a multi-state clinical operator, a church, a university or virtual community, we’ve got an easy-to-use solution for “youu”.

We’re revolutionizing community building by transforming client engagement through augmented intelligence. It delivers hyper-personalized support that exceeds human capabilities with real-time assistance and data-driven insights. It’s the future of healthcare.

Just Ask the YOUUniverse. You’ll be amazed.

YOUU Health is the most powerful, interconnected, hyper-personalized digital health cloud ever. You can easily build and manage your healthy community freeing yourself from the mundane tasks that discourage innovation. YOUU helps encourage membership, influence, integration and shared emotional connections so you can understand your community like never before.

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