Sober Peer Announces Rebranding, Changes Name To YOUU Health

The company announced a new identity, including a new name and logo, expands its product line to continue its commitment to helping people improve their health in new global markets.

Sober Peer today unveiled a new identity, including a new name and logo, as part of an extensive rebranding and product line extension. Starting today, the company has officially rebranded to YOUU Health, to better reflect what they do: offer an expanded behavioral health product line capability, reconfigured in a new digital health cloud format, that supports any level of care acuity across vertical market communities globally.

Sober Peer historically offered a family of digital health products for the substance use treatment industry where it got its start. Its systems were designed for clinical, non-clinical and after-care applications delivered to care providers and government markets.

In development since 2021, the new brand features new capabilities in mental health, lifestyle and wellness aimed at the broader market and where the brand is more consistent with its expanding global marketplace and interconnected health cloud configuration. The rebranding supports its historical recognition as a top-tier Tech Enhanced Human Services company where the integration of augmented intelligence technology enhances human expertise as its point-of-differentiation.

The company’s YOUUniverse Health Cloud is uniquely capable of wrapping existing HealthIT systems with advanced digital, augmented intelligence and machine learning AI capabilities delivered in ways that significantly reduces the indirect costs associated with care and improves outcome visibility for patient communities. It’s value-based-care model offers risk-based probabilities that support the payer/provider negotiations and is monitored for accountability by smart contracts that initiate payment transactions.

“By integrating technology with an expert human element, the YOUUniverse Health Cloud essentially democratizes health services by making them accessible and affordable for more people than ever before, said Ed DeShields, YOUU Health’s CEO.”

Ed DeShields, President and CEO of YOUU Health said, “the timing of this new brand aligns with the significant patient-centric transformation happening in the healthcare industry at a time when new value-based care models are being contemplated. We agree with research that shows the majority of providers intend to invest in digitally augmented intelligence – particularly in the behavioral health arena -- as they seek tech-enabled productivity they need to compete.”

The new brand identity reinforces a renewed sense of purpose and that is rooted in the company’s history -- to help people live happier, healthier lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. “With a clear goal of helping people, we’re energetically innovating solutions for the management of health conditions across the lifecycle of our community populations, said Mark Cole, YOUU Health’s Chief Operating Officer.”

About YOUU Health:

YOUU Health is among the fastest-growing behavioral science technology companies serving the mental health, substance use and wellness community market. Its Health Cloud technology platform measures, predicts and prescribes optimum treatment modalities across all treatment workflows. Its next generation digital platform uses augmented intelligence and predictive analytics extensively to improve treatment insight, client engagement and outcomes for persons desiring a positive healthy outcome while lowering the cost of providing care freeing the healthcare workforce of unproductive activities. The company operates in various markets globally.

YOUU Health is the most powerful, interconnected, hyper-personalized digital health cloud ever. You can easily build and manage your healthy community freeing yourself from the mundane tasks that discourage innovation. YOUU helps encourage membership, influence, integration and shared emotional connections so you can understand your community like never before.

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