AI successfully predicts behavioral health outcomes

Novel solution promises a rapid pathway to value-based healthcare adoption

DALLAS, TX, USA, April 4, 2023 / -- Health cloud company YOUU Health has successfully demonstrated its new AI- driven, value-based payment prediction model that helps foresee future claims risk, and patient outcomes, for chronic behavioral health case management. Understanding future claims is a fundamental economic construct that, if solved, encourages fair reimbursement rates for providers and policy risk insights for payers and their member communities.

The model offers insights to payers and providers on how to design reimbursement models by better understanding how risk is concentrated during complex health care lifecycles. The model stratifies risk by categorizing patient profiles from a historical record of other patients called “digital twins” derived from supervised AI models. The model then allows payers and providers to achieve parity on reimbursement rates based on value. Smart contracts subsequently drive reimbursement when triggered by actual outcome milestones.

Accurately pricing provider reimbursement and member insurance premiums has been one the most vexing challenges in healthcare. Chronic illnesses, such as substance abuse and mental health have proven particularly complex thus hindering price and payment flexibility.

Ed DeShields, President and CEO of YOUU Health said, “Our background in the insurance and risk markets put us in a novel position to approach value-based care risk from a completely different viewpoint. Outcomes are one thing, but stratifying risk and accounting for the cost of care to fully realize the promise is another. We’ve done that."

YOUU Health’s YOUUniverse Health Cloud is specifically designed to wrap the traditional electronic healthcare record system to create a more robust patient-centric delivery of care over long periods of time. Eventually health cloud technologies will augment, or replace, the traditional EHR as we know them today, the company predicts. YOUU Health’s science and experience in outcomes measurement and the collection of massive amounts of population health data driven by its artificial intelligence model helps make healthcare more efficient and effective.

Mark Cole, YOUU Health’s Chief Operating Officer said, “We think about care models where members operate within communities and receive personalized, precision treatment and long- term support. While there’s still a lot of work to do, eventually health tech will remove the burden of event-based care and move us into person-centric care.”

About YOUU Health:
YOUU Health is among the fastest-growing behavioral science technology companies serving the mental health, substance use and wellness community market. Its Health Cloud technology platform measures, predicts and prescribes optimum treatment modalities across all treatment workflows. Its next generation digital platform uses augmented intelligence and predictive analytics extensively to improve treatment insight, client engagement and outcomes for persons desiring a positive healthy outcome while lowering the cost of providing care freeing the healthcare workforce of unproductive activities. The company operates in various markets globally.

YOUU Health is the most powerful, interconnected, hyper-personalized digital health cloud ever. You can easily build and manage your healthy community freeing yourself from the mundane tasks that discourage innovation. YOUU helps encourage membership, influence, integration and shared emotional connections so you can understand your community like never before.

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